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If you have enjoyed the story of Octavio & the Lotus, as well the one of Dougie and Petunia, please write a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. If you can afford it and you want to encourage me to write a sequel, please buy a copy.
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The Wanderers are finally returning home. But of course their adventures have not yet ended and they will travel again. If you'd like to receive advance copies of future novels send a request to: info@npojk.com
Octavio & the Lotus
Octavio & the Lotus Octavio & the Lotus - The Addendum Time is My Mignonette - (WIP) first two chapters
Click above images for free epub downloads. It would be great if you bought the book from amazon.com for $4.95. The second edition includes The Addendum.
We'd love to hear your comments. Please try to keep them constructive. Pojk is a sensitive boy. We will list all names of the Beta readers (unless otherwise requested) in one of the inside pages of the final edition.
You may address specific comments to petunia@npojk.com or dougie@npojk.com
For general comments, critique and so on once more info@npojk.com
Thank you to everyone who is willing to participate. I really hope you like the story and let us know. It means a lot and it will speed up delivery of the sequel.